Hi wine pals

I’m Lorna

A Brit living down under that loves a vino (or two). In fact, I love wine SO much that I took it upon myself to do more than the average person’s share of “research”.

My Goal

I found a lot of wine material to be stuffy and not talking to me and my pals so I am changing the perception of wine being non-inclusive by creating a community that is simple, clear and open to all.

Taking the seriousness out of wine

I’m not an expert but I do love wine and I’m here to share what I’ve learnt in a way that’s engaging, informative and fun.

Want to learn with me?

I’m now running wine classes in Sydney. Find the next classes in Bondi and Newtown.

Follow me for wine (updates)…

Follow the blog and my Insta for wines to drink, places to go, history, books to read, films to watch… and most importantly, wine knowledge! A lot of this is new to me too, so let’s get this sh*t down to a wine art together.