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Alternative wines: Firescreek fruit wines

If you’re looking for alternative wines (like many people are at the minute!) you might like to stop off at Firescreek Fruit Wines on your travels. From chilli to rose petal, you won’t find anything like you’ve tasted before in this little corner of NSW.

We’re in an exciting time for wine. Alternative wines that were once laughed off are now making it mainstream like the cloudy pet nats of the world. New varietals, production methods and areas are getting a look in on a market that was once dominated by the likes of the oldest wine regions such as France and Italy.

So, as alternative wines are becoming increasingly popular, I wanted to share our trip to a tiny little winery in New South Wales’ Central Coast – Firescreek Fruit Winery.

The winery does what it says on the tin and makes all its wines from seasonal fruits grown on site such as passionfruit, pear and even chilli plants.

The modest but beautiful winery is owned and operated by Nadia and her husband Francis and it sits amongst the trees in the scenic Holgate area. The winding roads lead you through tiny towns before you get to a turn off the main road. Surrounded by trees and with vines in the backyard, this winery is both quaint and and quiet.

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We head in and Nadia greets us, not phased at all by the seven strong group excited to try her wines. Wines they have ready to go include passionfruit, elderberry, rose petal and pear, strawberry and citrus and chilli wine – all of which Nadia shares with us, as well as one she hasn’t shared before that’s still in the making of lemon and elderflower.

Naturally we’re buzzing at the prospect of being the first tasters and it doesn’t disappoint with subtle flavours that make your tongue tingle!

Now to the stuff they’ve got bottled up…The passion fruit has such a strong, distinct taste like the fruit itself. It’s only a little tart and like no wine I’ve tasted before. I reckon you’re on to a winner if you pair this with a creamy cheese for after dinner. Yum!

The elderberry is a little heavier and the berry gives it more of a rich look in colour that reminds me of tawny port. Absolutely smashable though.

Rose petal and pear is light and lovely on the nose, smelling like fresh rose petals and the pear brings a creamy smoothness to it that, again, would pair nicely with a creamy cheese. I bought this one to take home so you know that’s what I’ll be doing later *drools*

Next is the strawberry wine which was beauuutiful. Sweet but not too sweet and quite rich in flavour. Nadia suggested we drink this on its own or that we add a drop to our prosecco for a summer sweetener. Erm, yes – what could be more basic than me + prosecco with a bit of strawberry wine? Just put me on a pink flamingo inflatable and send me off in to the sunset, thanks.

Last but not least was the citrus and chilli. I know what you’re thinking – what the f*ck? Right? And honestly I couldn’t get my head round, it but how cool is that? It’s a really unique taste with the citrus hitting you first before a very subtle kick of spice trickles in round the edges of your tongue.

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And that’s the full (current) line up at Firescreek. I think it’s amazing what Nadia and her husband are creating in their winery tucked in to the bushland. They don’t sell retail so you can only buy from them at the cellar door and I’d highly recommend a visit. If not for the kind welcome and wonderful wine but then to be able stroll around their gardens, through the vines planted in the back and to see the two ponds on their grounds. We went on the way to Bouddi National Park which is also worth a visit with beautiful secluded beaches that mostly locals frequent on a sunny summer day! Can guarantee full beachy beauty.

Looking for more alternative wines? How about orange wine? No it’s not wine made from oranges, you can find out what is here.

So, which wine would you pick? Leave me a comment below!

Cheers, Lorna

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