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Best wine delivery services

This one was on my blog ‘to write’ list for a while. Seems more apt than ever now we’re confined to the four walls of our house to be writing, best wine delivery services. I’ve picked out five of my favs delivering wine to your door at this very strange time. Enjoy and take care!

The world’s been turned upside down. We’re (mostly) all at home and hospitality is feeling it more than most. But you can still get the good juice delivered to your door (and honestly, thank god). So who should you order your drop of choice from? Here’s my top wine delivery services making good tracks in Sydney, Australia. 


drnks wine delivery service wine bottles on floor with pink cap that says drnks on it
Get sum DRNKS

Mate, same day wine delivery in Sydney (apart from Sunday). I can’t get enough of this crafty lot, it’s just too easy. 

Natural and organic wines in every shape, size and colour from pink to orange, magnum to bagnum (yeah they have bloody wine in a bag that doesn’t make you go blind like goon does). 

Standard, non coronavirus world rules were order before 2pm and if you live within 15km of the Sydney CBD, you’ll get it the same day. Today in coronavirus world, the inner east and inner west cut off is now 6pm. 

Spend $99+ and you get free shipping, 6+ wines and you get 10% discount. What you waiting for? The apocalypse??

Buy wine from DRNKS

Good Pair Days

good pair days wine delivery service box with three wines, white quote on orange background and glass of wine
Good Pair Days goodies

Now these guys have a really great product and subscription set up – reflected in their ever growing tribe of customers and now also awards. 

Starting off with a palate quiz so they find out what you like, they put together a suggested box for you (or you can change it to include whatever you want!) and then they deliver to you with tasting cards, food pairings, matching recipes and sometimes presents like one of those stick to the wall wine glass holders so you can sip wine in the bath (lush). 

You rate and review as you go, collecting ‘badges’ for trying new wines and earning points for presents. If you don’t like stuff, they’ll send you a new bottle in your next box and you can blacklist grapes you’re not into. 

You can pause or cancel anytime – guilt free! So get on that shit, it’s a nice club to be in. 

Buy wine from Good Pair Days


Cellarmasters wine delivery service box on white table outside with rose wine bottles next to it
Cellarmasters boxes for the win(e)

Cellarmasters has been around since 1982 and offers a wide range of Australian and international wines – from everyday tipples to premium offerings – at great value. I mean it, there’s deals on the good stuff coming out of their eyeballs.

You can even buy single bottles but would suggest bulk buying (leave the toilet paper for everyone else) as this is the most affordable option, buying six packs or cases. At the moment they have some lovely mixed cases like Pinot Noir Perfection (dreamy), Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc (classic) or the Sparkling Mix (call me bubbles darling, everybody does). For the ultimate convenience, you can get a wine subscription so it just turns up like a magical wine fairy at your door.

At the moment, Cellarmasters is offering free delivery so you can get your go-to wines – or find some new favourites – delivered to your doorstep hassle-free. You can also pick up from BWS if you need to stretch your legs on your weekly food shop/time out the house.

Buy wine from Cellarmasters

Different Drop

different drop wine delivery service
Different Drops to your door

These guys not only sell wine that’s right up my street (different being the optimum word here to describe my preference on natural wines) but they have a special place in my heart for their reactions during the bushfires in Adelaide Hills. 

During the Cudlee Creek fire that wiped out ⅓ of all Adelaide Hills wine region, winemakers like Callum Beal had to spend their time literally putting out fires and saving their homes and families. They did not have the time to fulfill orders of people trying to help by buying their wines (quite right though!). In step Different Drop who hosted all of Callum’s sales without taking a penny. Legends. 

They are passionate about artisanally made wines, have spotlights on winemakers including videos and blog posts and ship your wines (you pick or they have packs you can buy) the next day. A delight I tell you!

Buy wine from Different Drop

Cellar Door Society

blonde woman and brown haired man holding hands in vineyard
Cellar Door Society dream team

This dynamic duo are a little different as they don’t actually offer wine delivery services BUT they are just such good eggs, I couldn’t not put them in and what they offer is in a way, even cooler.

Sophie and Tim are Cellar Door Society – an online marketplace where wine lovers can discover and buy wine directly from small and family-owned Australian wineries. 

Their wine partners have their own storefront on their platform to share their story and sell their wine directly to consumers. This means that the wine gets shipped from the winery to the customer, and the customer pays the winery directly. How cool?!

Their goal is to provide access to winemakers/wineries that people may not have found otherwise. These small businesses don’t often have time or knowledge to market themselves, so CDS customers may not know about their wine, or their cellar door. But CDS aims to bring their wine to the table! And there’s no better time than right now to buy from small and local businesses who need your support.

Buy wine from Cellar Door Society

So these are just some of my favs bringing us the best wine delivery services but obviously there’s hundreds out there and only so many you can order from. I would love to hear your experiences and wine delivery favs so we can share the love! Leave me a comment below or catch me on Insta.

Cheers winos,

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