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mexican wine bottle with red wine in glasses
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Mexican Wine: A brief history

Ever tried Mexican wine? Mexico is the oldest wine region in the Americas but due to it’s complicated history, Mexico has been left behind by the likes of neighbouring California. But it does exist and it is a growing market. So let’s get in to the history of Mexican Wine and why it’s not as popular as it could be.
english vineyard wine grapes
Wine Learning Wine Regions

Is English wine a thing?

Is English wine a thing? You may or may not know that I am a Brit living down under and I’m heading home next week for a visit which got me thinking...what’s the wine sitch on my home soil? Do they make it, is it good, can I try some? Let’s answer some of those burning (?) questions on English vinos…
hawkesbury river winery
Wine Regions

Hawkesbury River Wineries

About an hour north west of Sydney lies historic Hawkesbury Valley. It’s a stunning area and was the source of food for aboriginal people then emancipist settlers from 1794. The area is known for its beautiful river views and activities, local produce and my favourite part, Hawkesbury River Wineries.