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Hello wine drinkers…

Thanks for joining me winos!

Hello… My first blog! I can’t wait to look back on this in five years (who am I kidding? one year) and laugh my head off at it’s shitness.
So why am I here? I’ll keep it short because you don’t really want to read about me but you do want to know that I’m a (semi) credible source and not talking out my arse.
A bit of background for you – I’ve just turned 29. I’ve had a big year; I got married (which is the crux of it to be honest), I got promoted at work and I’m continuing to enjoy life in Sydney after me and the better half managed to get Permanent Residency here. I’m a lucky person and I’m in a good place. So what next? I recently did a goal setting course with my pal and work wife, and it opened my eyes a little bit to what I want to do next and what I might be capable of.
In summary, I realised I probably should’ve done an English degree instead of Business because I like reading and writing. I also realised one of the things I love is travel, wine tasting and just wine in general. Because it, and the places it’s grown in, are just lush.
Where I landed was that I should give writing and learning another bash after vowing to never study again due to stressing out at University for four years, which was eight years ago now (WTF?!). And there’s no better place to start than the well established wine producer, exporter and smasher of wine, Australia. Where the vino does flow thanks to sunny and wet climes, vineyards are easily accessible and the opportunities are ripe (See what I did there. (Am I a blogger who does shit puns now? (Send help??)).
So there’s the beginning bit. Let me try you with the semi credible bit now. I’ll try and make this easy by giving you a brief history of my experience with wine in top five format. Because who doesn’t love a list??

1. Wine is something I’ve been interested in for a long time

My Mum and Dad have a good part to play in this as seasoned wine drinkers. We’re from England so now you understand our propensity to drink vast amounts of alcohol. But that aside, they are genuinely interested in it and that’s sparked an interest for me too. And it has lovely, familial connotations. *Clinks*

2. I moved to Australia nearly four years ago

And where better to extend your wine knowledge and experience than in sunny ‘Straya? Where you have vineyards in basically every state, all accessible and on your doorstep (unlike England). Some of the best reds in the world – including a sparkling red! If that doesn’t open your wine mind a little bit, fuck knows what will.

3. I work in media and have worked on a couple of wine brands befor

And a wake up for me was writing copy for these brands and realising I don’t actually know as much as I’d like to. I don’t think I’m alone there either. How many of you can say that you absolutely LOVE wine but don’t feel confident enough to walk in to a shop or restaurant, look at the shelf/menu and know what to choose? Obviously these things come with practice, research and time. But wouldn’t it be awesome if you didn’t feel like a tit trying to work these things out as you go?

4. I got a beginners wine course for my birthday

It’s a starting point in a quest to learn more (see above notes about goal setting). And in a continued quest to not only learn more, but help other people learn more. Which leads me to my next point…

5. I want to help people understand wine and feel included

I don’t want it be an exclusive club. I’m a normal person with an interest in wine. And would like to think I could learn more and help other normal people learn more too.
What I’ve gathered from the world of wine so far is that it’s complicated. And you know what? It is complicated! It’s an actual science!! But let’s leave the hard bit to the winemakers and I’ll do the semi hard bit and go learn stuff before bring the wine translations to you.
Here begin-eth the lesson…

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